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The Ultimate Play Table

Versatile. Storage. Functional
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The Play Table You and Your Children Will Love

Most Versatile

Our play table is the most versatile on the market, transforming effortlessly with interchangeable panels! Enjoy over 30 play combinations in one table, perfect for single or multiple children. Our panels can also be vertically placed in the center recess for added playtime fun.

Maximised Storage

Our play table offers compact design with maximized storage. The set includes 4 small bins and 2 large bins, while the top storage doubles as a play tray or panel storage. You can also purchase additional small or large bins according to your preference.


Top storage can also be used as one large play tray or two smaller trays. Simply perfect for educational play, emphasizing learning through fun in those early years.

100% Australian Owned

12 months structural warranty on play table

Unique space saving design


None like ours Registered product design

How Our Play Table Works


Buy a Karnage Play Table

Karnage Play Table comes with 2 Lego compatible panels (blue and green) plus 4 small bins and 2 large bins. The top storage can be converted into a large play tray or 2 smaller play trays. You can also use the white surface of lego panels to create ample invitations for open ended play.


Choose Additional Panels

Check out our panels to convert your play table into a sensory table, light table, kitchen and more! Each panels covers half of the table and 2 panels covers the whole table. You can mix and match panels to create a customized play table that meets your child’s interests and developmental needs.


Choose Additional Accessories

Here are some accessories and play mats to further maximize playtime with your play table. Our play mats offer easy and convenient set up for small world and imaginative play.

A Play Table for every play





Sensory Table

Kitchen Set

White table surface

Sensory Table Duplo

Loved by Childcare Educators, Grandparents and Parents


So versatile!
We have loved playing with our kiddo carnage table. My boys enjoy that it can be used for so many different things. We have had sensory play plus amazing art sessions using our light table! So many options means hours of play.

Edith B.

The Best Play table
We Absolutely love our play table there’s so many ways we can use it and create so many different play options including sensory themed activities, inserts into the trays, storage of paints, sensory bases and so much more plus using the light box creates a whole new experience.

Eva T.

Awesome playtable!

Great quality product, very functional storage design. My daughter loves the kitchen set with accessories and hasn’t stopped playing since we got it! Looking forward to the mess-free fun times!

Anna B.

Played with daily!
My boys are lego obsessed so loving this table as a sturdy base. We also love sensory play with the tubs, and as a mum I love the storage underneath

Renee Shepherd

The Perfect Play Table
We have been loving our KK play table. I LOVE the storage it’s accessible for the kids but hides it discretely to make the table look aesthetically pleasing when not in use. My kids are 4.5yrs and 7yrs and STILL use their table EVERYDAY! Duplo is still their favourite construction activity and having it all in one table makes life so much easier and more manageable for pack away time.


Brooke Thornton

Sensory storage table
This is hands down the best invention ever made…. Like who doesn’t love a mess free child area that can be messy while they play and enjoy and then put away neatly as if it was never there! It’s so good I keep ours in our lounge room and still looks great 😊

Samara Mihal

Playroom must have!
I absoloutely love this play table! It is amazing quality, is able to store so much and all of the add on features provide Hours of fun! I reccomend this play table to everyone!

Kara Weatherall

It’s amazing!
We love our Kiddo Karnage table so much. It is used is so many different ways. My kids fav way is to build giant Duplo creations. We also love that it can be a sensory table. It’s great if your short on space!

About Kiddo Karnage

As parents to two beautiful children, we intimately understand the joys and struggles of nurturing young minds. Like many families, we found ourselves searching for ways to enrich our children’s playtime while grappling with the perpetual challenge of toy storage.
Driven by our passion for innovation and our deep-rooted desire to provide our children with the best, we embarked on a transformative journey. This journey led us to create something truly special: the Karnage Play Table.
The Karnage Play Table isn’t just a piece of furniture—it’s a reflection of our commitment to enhancing childhood experiences. Its refreshing design seamlessly combines practicality with playfulness, offering a multifunctional oasis where imagination knows no bounds.

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