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Is Kiddo Karnage Australian Owned?

Kiddo Karnage is 100% Australian Owned and designed. We use our global and local contacts to source a manufacturer who can guarantee the best quality product at a reasonable price for our customers. Our products have been tested to be durable and high quality.

Can I use the Karnage Play Table for large construction blocks?

Yes you can. Our Karnage Play Table comes with 2 small construction blocks top panel. Additional top panel for large construction blocks can be purchased separately.

Can I use any combinations of small and large storage bins for the table?

Yes you can! The table can fit up to 4 large or 8 small storage bins. The Karnage Play Table comes with 2 large and 4 small storage bins. Any additional bins can be purchased separately.

Are the storage bins similar in size to IKEA Trofast bins?

No, our small and large storage bins are different in size to IKEA storage bins. Please see details of specifications in the details of the products respectively.

Can I view the products?

At the moment we do not have a physical retail store just yet and most of the items are sold on our online store. However, if you are located in WA, feel free to drop us a message and we can arrange an appointment to view of our sample product. You can view the product at Southern River, WA.

Can I do pick up?

 Yes you can pick up your items and save on delivery fees! We are located in Southern River, WA 6110. Please email us at info@kiddokarnage.com.au to arrange pick up.